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3度のグラミー賞を含む数々の大賞にかがやき、スティービーワンダー、ジャネットジャクソン、サンタナ、プリンスなどのクワイアーサウンドを支えてきた黒人音楽の世界的アーティストにして権威、The Sounds Of Blackness が、 Power Chorus のムーブメントをサポートします。 (Sounds Of Blackness についてはこちら)


The Sounds Of Blackness からのメッセージ 

Power Chorus ムーブメントを

「アメリカ黒人音楽は常に、生き抜くためのメカニズムであり続けてきました。*フィールドホラーズ、ワークソングス、リングシャウト、ジュビリー、黒人霊歌、ブルース、ラグタイム、ジャズ、ロックンロール、R&B、ソウル、レゲエ、ラップ、それらすべてが黒人のサウンド(Sounds Of Blackness)です。
 私たちは、45年間そのことを訴えてきました。Power Chorus がそれを今、ついでくれようとしています。その仕事の意義と重要性は計り知れません!」
ゲイリー・ハインズ/Director of The Sounds Of Blackness

African-American Music has always been a Survival mechanism - Field Hollers, Work Songs, Ring Shouts, Jubilees, Spirituals, Blues, Ragtime, Jazz, Rock & Roll, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rap - Are All Sounds of Blackness! This music is the testimony of a People, interwoven, interconnected to each other and to their Mother - Africa! They are a Family and Body of Music and must be viewed and treated as such. It is impossible to fully appreciate the 'Glory Hallelujah' of Gospel music, without the pain of The Blues, the complexity of Jazz and Spirituals.
As with any Family, these musical 'Siblings' have more common characteristics than differences. Therefore it is crucial to have an understanding and appreciation of this music in all of its magnificent forms. Authentic performance, presentation and preservation of African-American Music demands that we embrace it in its entirety. This is crucial to artistic, cultural and spiritual integrity, legacy history and heritage of this glorious music.
For the past 45 years Sounds of Blackness have carried this message, which is now also carried by Power Chorus. The significance and importance of this task is immeasurable!
Gary Hines, Sounds of Blackness

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